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Locate a subject property anywhere in the U.S.

Easily view your subject property’s risk forecast.

Discover potential up to an eighth of a mile from the subject property.

Rapidly download a detailed property forecast report for your site.

Elevate Your Property Risk Assessment

RiskFacts is a premier SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) that streamlines property risk management through the power of accurate property risk forecasting. Our cutting-edge platform quickly and easily identifies potential risks and opportunities surrounding a subject property. Utilize our exclusive platform features to support your site's due diligence process and guide better decision-making. Whether you're a professional, educator, or municipality, RiskFacts offers a seamless integration and intuitive way to access and utilize property risk databases. RiskFacts' property risk forecasting lets you streamline your approach to property risk management.

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One Platform for Property Risk Forecasting

A Property Risk Platform of Solutions

Evaluate your subject property against government environmental databases and identify risks by quickly searching millions of records from over 2,000 databases.

  • Identify risks and opportunities early in the real estate transaction process
  • Monitor current portfolio holdings evaluating critical changes in database findings
  • Mitigate risk and increase sustainability and resiliency for future development projects

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Toggle Key Zones of Interest

RiskFacts allows users to control the information they see around a subject property. Understanding the surrounding zones influencing a site is an invaluable asset to decision-makers in development, real estate transactions, and portfolio asset protection. The following are examples of typical zones encountered:

  • Brownfields Areas and Sites
  • Superfund Sites
  • Federal Wetlands
  • FEMA 100-Year Flood Plains/Zones
  • Pipelines

Cost-Effective Solutions for Municipalities

Our SaaS Property Risk Forecasting Platform is perfect for municipalities with a need for a detailed, cost-effective solution. With access to a wide range of data sources, municipalities can easily identify potential risks, assess their impact, and take proactive measures to mitigate and increase resiliency. The platform also includes comprehensive risk forecast reports to help municipalities make informed decisions, and its user-friendly interface is easy to use and can be accessed from anywhere. Overall, it allows municipalities to manage risks effectively and efficiently

Download a Detailed Property Risk Forecast Report

RiskFacts’ platform not only provides the tools to make informed decisions about property risk, but also offers the ability to download a comprehensive risk report filled with additional details from government agencies queried. Our Risk Forecast Reports utilize a vast array of databases including federal, state, local, tribal, and proprietary information to produce accurate property forecasts and uncover what it takes to maintain resiliency.

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Most Frequently Asked Questions

RiskFacts is an on-demand U.S. property risk forecasting tool for Environmental, Climate, ESG, and Compliance queries. You can view property risk forecasts on a single, easy-to-use, SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) platform. Anyone interested in evaluating risk forecasts for any real estate property within the United States will find this tool invaluable. RiskFacts is a software platform created by experts with over 100 years of experience in property technology, environmental risk, and real estate. It helps real estate professionals, investors, municipalities, home buyers, and developers quickly evaluate risks and opportunities associated with a property and provides additional expertise and advice if needed.
The downloadable report provides the overall risk rating for the subject property and the surrounding off-site properties, a summary map with pin drops of the points of interest identified and a summary table of all the risks identified within the 1/8 mile search radius. Additionally, this report provides detailed information from the identified regulatory databases not easily presented in the web viewer.
Take charge of real estate risk. As environmental risk is constantly changing, RiskFacts monitors and stays on top of these changes. By subscribing to RiskFacts through the SaaS, you can rest assured that ever-changing risk is adequately assessed and monitored by our platform. What is not considered a risk today, could become a risk tomorrow. Now you have a tool to stay one step ahead.
Essentially, environmental risk is the potential for contamination of subsurface media due to the use and generation of hazardous materials or hazardous wastes. In general, the various levels of environmental risk can be used to measure the potential for subsurface contamination. Subsurface contamination can be considered a liability in that if left unchecked may represent a risk to human health or the environment. Remediation and/or mitigation to abate these risks can represent a financial liability associated with the property where the source of the environmental risk arose from.
We are here to help you with all follow-up questions and additional services related to property transactions. We can provide legal protections from the cost of remediation, including the Bona Fide Prospective Purchaser (BFPP), Innocent Landowner, and/or Contiguous Property Owner defenses afforded by the USEPA
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